Photographing Invisible Illness project

Over the next two years I will be embarking on an interesting new project on the subject of 'invisible illness' and how certain illnesses are misunderstood and under-recognised within society because they are not outwardly visible. As someone with an auto immune condition I understand the challenges this presents and how hard it can be to be understood. You can read more about how I came to be working on this project here. I will be looking for people to photograph in the West Cornwall area who consider themselves to have an invisible illness and would be willing to explore that in a visual way.

We all owe it to each other to use whatever means possible to make our voices heard, raise awareness, challenge assumptions and create a world in which illnesses that are not immediately apparent are treated in the same way as illnesses that are visible.

Proud to share the first few pictures from my Photographing Invisible Illness project. Huge thanks to Sarah Forbes for representing arthritis, Georgina Thorne for representing M.E and anxiety and Jackie Foster for representing a very little known about condition called primary biliary cholangitis, an auto-immune condition affecting the liver. Thank you for sharing your stories.

If you'd like to get involved feel free to message me here. More details and information about the project on the website: and #photographinginvisibleillness #invisibleillness

#invisibleillness #chronicillness #portraits

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