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On Monday I took some photographs for Sharon Skinner, owner of Ssh Simply second hand in Penzance. She is a truly inspirational woman. Sharon has been through divorce and breast cancer and then more recently was bullied at work, resulting in a serious suicide attempt. She has battled with depression and survived, and proudly shares her story to raise awareness and help remove the taboo around talking about depression and suicide. She works hard to fund-raise for her chosen local charity The Invictus Trust, which campaigns to improve facilities for teenagers and young people with mental health problems. Through a private shopping session, selling books and holding a successful designer fashion show she has raised £350. Here's a collection of some of the photographs that we took and excerpts from her story that I've made into a short video. I think you'll agree she is a truly brave, beautiful and amazing woman! Makeup by Francesca Bennetts

Watch video:

#invictustrust #empowerment

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